Steps to Onboarding with NEXA Mortgage:

1. Click on the "begin onboarding" button on the right to start the onboarding process.

2. You will be placed into a Zoom room with a NEXA receptionist.

3. Ask for Onboarding.

4. Tell Onboarding your desired status: LOAN OFFICER.

5. Let them know you were referred by Marvin Miles, ID 122097.

6. Once you provide Onboarding with your contact information, they will send you an Employment Agreement.

7. You will include a color copy of your official Identification with the completed Employment Agreement.

8. Onboarding will run a background and credit check. Combined the cost is $75 that comes out of your first commission check.

9. Once approved you will receive a Welcome letter from NEXA.

10. Onboarding will then issue your new company email.

11. That’s it, welcome to the team.

The process to be fully onboarded can take up to one week. Be patient as the onboarding team works diligently to process your application.

Begin Zoom Onboarding Session

Monday to Friday

11 AM to 8 PM Eastern

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me:

Your Sponsor/Direct Contact:

Marvin Miles

Mobile: (704) 321-2815


LinkedIn: Click here to connect on LinkedIn